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1933 250 Bullet

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1933 Model BO 250 Bullet

The first ever Royal Enfield Bullets were released in 1933 and the baby of the range was the 250 model. It was created for the rider who wanted a bike he could use on a day-to-day basis but which would have extra performance for more exciting weekend riding. With a twin port head, high compression piston and 4-speed foot change gearbox, the Bullet was a very advanced motorcycle for its time.

As you can see, mine is something of a ‘bitsa' - but I love it! I first acquired a complete engine off eBay. It's one of the first 1000 ever made and although it needs a total restoration it's complete and in relatively good condition. It even has a pilgrim oil pump which will be a challenge to restore!

The rolling chassis came from an advert I placed in Old Bike Mart magazine. The duplex frame is numbered approximately 140 before my engine, which is close enough for me. I'm rather suspicious of the wheel hubs, but time will tell if they are correct or not.

I plan to do this restoration over some years. I'll keep collecting parts and do a dry assembly before sending everything away to be plated and painted. Important parts missing are a complete gearbox, the primary chaincase, front mudguard, carburettor, handlebars and all controls, apart from the ingenious heel-operated rear brake lever which came with the rolling chassis. If you have any leads on these missing parts I'd love to hear from you. Just contact me via the email form on this site. Thanks

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