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1929 - 1933 Royal Enfield
Repairs & Maintenance Manual
Workshop manual for Royal Enfield Model A, BO, C, F, L, H, G, LF, from 1929 to 1933
This Second Edition of the Pitman's publication, 'The Book of The Royal Enfield', covers the repair and maintenance of Royal Enfield models made between 1929 and 1931. It is based on the rare second print run which contains a supplement for 1933 models

Includes: Mode A, Model C, Model G, Model H, Model J, Model JF, Model K.

This manual is a quality reproduction.
Covered: Types of Enfield machines; accessories (eg lighting, horns, accumulators); mechanical first principles; the carburettor & magneto; mechanical details of the engines - care and maintenance; the transmission, frame and wheels; care of the transmission and cycle parts; engine troubles; glossary of motorcycling terms.

Professionally printed, 21cm x 14.5cm
100 Pages. £12.95
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