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Bullet Service Manual Deluxe CD

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Bullet Service Manual CD (Deluxe)
by Pete Snidal
Includes Classic,
Sixty-5 & Electra X Models


Bullet Service Manual Deluxe CD by Pete Snidal Includes Classic, Sixty-5 & Electra X Models

It's An Owner's Manual - And A Workhop Manual!

This manual has been
written with all possible Enfield Bullet owners in mind, from the brand new motorcyclist to the seasoned tuner/mechanic. It begins with starting drill and the basics of learning to ride. From there, it covers troubleshooting, (including push-starting) going through engaging first gear and moving off, halting, panic stops, and changing gears.

The author - with over 50 years of motorcycle riding and wrenching experience - has done his best to cover all the possible questions of the complete neophyte motorcyclist, with particular attention paid to the specifics of the Enfield Bullet. It continues all the way to the full intracacies of total repair and replacement -
rebuilding of engine, gearbox, and chassis elements and even speed-tuning.

Comprising over 200 pages of original text, it is a complete service and operation manual, of value to every owner, from the brand-new BAB (Born-Again Biker) to the already-competent mechanic in search of occasional reference material. You'll find it pays for itself the first time you use it - since the purchase price is a fraction of that of the minimum hour of shoptime in most places!

Although all the text is completely original, the book and CD contain some time-tested drawings and diagrams from previous factory manuals, supplemented by many photographs where the author thought more clarification was required.

This is the Deluxe edition
with the addition of full scans of an original 1956-62 Redditch Royal Enfield Bullet instruction book. This is included mainly for nostalgia and to demonstrate how little the regular Indian models differ from the original Redditch machines.

CD, 200+ Pages. 21.95

Also available in a ringbound printed version

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