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The Royal Enfield
Factory Magazine 1947 - 1955


Travel back in time with this captivating collection of original Royal Enfield factory magazines. The collection spans a decade in the life of the company from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s.

You will find so much more here than just information on the motorcycles. Many dealers in the UK and from around the world are featured. You can read about the lives of the factory workers and also about the apprenticeship schemes. You will even be able to ‘revisit' a factory Christmas party.

Did you know that there was once a racehorse called Royal Enfield? It even won a race! There are countless features on other Royal Enfield products too: bicycles, lawnmowers, marine engines and the like.

But it is the motorcycles that stand out. New models are introduced but there are many reflections on machines from the past too. The book is packed with period photographs of people riding Enfields. Some people used Royal Enfields as an out-of-hours pleasurable pursuit while others used them in the course of their jobs. You can read about the successes of Enfield's own trials teams and the people who raced its bikes. Pick up technical hits and tips from the factory's own engineering guru, Tony Wilson-Jones too!

The original magazines were A5 size. We have reproduced two A5 magazine pages on each A4 page of our book, so in effect you will receive over 470 reprinted REVS' pages. Each page has been restored and, where possible, improved upon to give the best possible clarity.

Softback, 19.7 x 21cm, 238 Pages. £15.95

Readers' Reviews

Many thanks. REVS is a really lovely book full of amazing snippets such as the long servive awards made to the workers 1946/47. All those 50 year plus employees - unbelieveable! John Gliddon, UK

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