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Spark Plugging The Classics

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Spark Plugging the Classics
Stan Dibden


Highly illustrated in full colour throughout

Simply the best guide there is on how to read spark plugs to diagnose engine faults
, and to select the correct grade of plug for your engine. It explains the differences between modern plugs and those from the classic period, and shows how to select modern plugs for use in older engines. This short booklet simply explains everything most classic owners need to know about spark plugs, the types available, the difference between hot and cold plugs, and the relationship to the ignition system such as coil or magneto. All the likely states of your spark plugs are illustrated, explained and remedies suggested and there is also a table of the common plug equivalents, showing hotter and colder plugs. Highly illustrated in full colour throughout - a must have for all owners of classic vehicles, cars or bikes.

An essential tool for working on any Royal Enfield

Stan Dibben spent 25 years in the spark plug industry when many of today’s classics were still in everyday use. He gave spark plug application advice across the whole range of engines – cars, motorcycles and motor sport - to garages and owners. Before that Stan was a racing motorcyclist and Sidecar World Champion, worked for both BSA and Norton, and started life as a professional electrician and musician – he even found time to help Donald Campbell and Bluebird to a World Land Speed Record!

Softback, A5, 16 Pages, Full Colour. £4.00

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