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The Book of the UCE
by Jacek Gembara
Technical Guide for UCE / EFI 500cc Bullet
& Classic models and 535cc Continental GT
coming soon
UCE Bullet & 535 Continental GT service guide
The Book of the UCE - A Technical Guide for UCE / EFI 500cc Bullet & Classic models and the 535cc Continental GT. Also covers 2017 onwards Euro 4 models and disc brakes.

If you've just ordered your UCE Royal Enfield, you're planning to do so or would just like to know more about the motorcycle before you make a decision, this book is certainly for you.

Once you've got your UCE Enfield home, you will most likely have a number of quetions. This technical guide will show you what you need to know to take good care of your bike.  

The Royal Enfield UCE doesn't only look unique, it also behaves in a unique way and owners need some extra knowledge to properly maintain it. In this book you will find answers to your questions about maintenance and buying parts as well as guidance on modificatons you might consider.
NB This is not a full workshop manual of the kind that shows you, for example, how to completely strip down your engine. Instead it is a technical guide with essential information on keeping your UCE Royal Enfield running well and overcoming some of its most common issues.

Conternts: EXPLORE YOUR ENFIELD - UCE technical data, A short ride, Running in – how to and what can go wrong, Unit Construction Engine, Side stand, Electronic Fuel Injection, Brakes, Generator, Essential upgrades, Troubleshooting. MAINTENANCE - Mistakes in the 2009 spares catalogue, Oil filters, O Ring for the Spring Cap, Oil change, Head ball-race adjustment, Spark plugs, Battery, Chain, Clutch adjustment, What is good to have. MODIFICATIONS & IMPORTANT NOTES - Clutch disengaging mechanism, Swinging arm, EFI to carb, LED indicators, Ammeter, FD Sprocket issue.

Perfact bound, 29.7 x 21cm, 100 pages.

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