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WD/CO and WD/C Workshop Manual

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Workshop Manual
350cc WD/CO, WD/CO B and WD/C


Workshop Manual for OHV 350cc WD/CO and WD/CO/B models. and SV 350cc WD/C

This manual is a high quality reproduction. It covers the 350cc Model CO with an Albion gearbox and the CO/B variant with a Burman gearbox. Both were built in the early 1940s for War Department use. Also included is a 3 page supplement for the 350cc Sive Valve WD/C Model engine.

Covered: Exploded view of engine; Technical specifications; List of tools; Engine; Transmission; Wheels; Frame & forks; Carburettor; Lighting & ignition system; Sparking plug; Charging circuit; Lubrication; Burman gear box supplement, Albion gearbox supplement, WD/C supplement.

Professionally bound, 29.7 x 21cm, 62 Pages. 15.95

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